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Gratuitous Iconage!

Icons By Casey
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Uh. I like to make icons. Mostly X-Files, but I throw some other stuff in there, too. They're not always fancy, and they're not always beautiful, but they're my own creations, and that's enough for me.

I guess need some rules.

1. I do enjoy receiving comments! Knowing what you guys like helps me find styles to work with.
2. If you don't credit, I'll keel you. Slowly. With salad tongs and a spork. That's all there is to it.
3. Pimp my icons out wherever you want! Just, please, be sure to credit. And, if you see an icon out there by me that isn't credited, LET ME KNOW so I can lay the smack-down.

Feel free to join or watch this community if you'd like my updates to appear on your friends page.


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